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The Three Planeteers Audiobook  
by Edmond Hamilton
During the Golden Age of Science Fiction, one writer towered over all others. The legendary Edmond Hamilton was the pulp pioneer who took over where Jules Verne and H. G. Wells left off. Hamilton wrote on a scale that dwarfed anything that had come before. Hamilton envisioned a future filled with an interplanetary police force, space pirates and fearsome weapons capable of destroying whole planets. Among readers of his early fiction in magazines ranging from Amazing Stories to Weird Tales, this penchant for galaxy-spanning space opera soon earned him the nickname of “World-Wrecker” Hamilton.
One of the most intriguing is The Three Planeteers, which ran in the January, 1940 issue of Startling Stories. Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ classic adventure tale, The Three Musketeers, Hamilton’s reinterpretation of the concept brings together an Earthman, John Thorn, allied a pair of friendly aliens, Sual Av of Venus and hulking Mercurian, Gunner Welk, who are out to stop a sinister despot from shifting the balance of power from the peace-loving Alliance of Inner Planets to the planet-hungry League of Cold Worlds. When the resourceful trio are branded interplanetary outlaws, their only hope is to ally themselves with the renegade Companions of Space, led by the bewitching pirate princess, Lana Cain.
This swashbuckling space opera was the type of pulp Hamilton did best, and set the stage for his legendary Captain Future series, also from the publisher of Startling Stories. In that series, as in The Three Planeteers, Hamilton postulated a future Solar System inhabited by distinct races of aliens, each with their own characteristics and cultures. Against this backdrop, the non-stop action races from the inner worlds to the outer regions, with atom-pistols and ray-blasters frying combatants on both sides.
Joey D’Auria voices The Three Planeteers’ stellar cast of heroes and despicable space pirates. This is vintage space opera at its most arresting and audacious!
Chapter 1: Comrades of Peril
Chapter 2: Cold-World Menace
Chapter 3: Into the Zone
Chapter 4: Pirate Princess
Chapter 5: Secret Enemy
Chapter 6: The Trap
Chapter 7: Shadow of the League
Chapter 8: Out of the Past
Chapter 9: Imprisoned Planeteers
Chapter 10: Under Saturn’s Rings
Chapter 11: Secret Police
Chapter 12: Citadel of Fear
Chapter 13: Dictator of Worlds
Chapter 14: Under the Psychophones
Chapter 15: Through the Tempest
Chapter 16: Forbidden World
Chapter 17: In the Shining Waste
Chapter 18: Damned Souls of Erebus
Chapter 19: Cheerly’s Cunning
Chapter 20: At Uranus’ Orbit
Chapter 21: The Fight on the Moon
Chapter 22: Blaine’s Weapon
Chapter 23: Epilogue

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