Under Fire Magazine – 02/29


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Battle of Chimney Pots by A. C. Andrew
The Zooming Cherub by Jarvis St. John
Scratch a Sergeant by Tip Bliss
Wings of Chance by Ace Williams
Snipe-Shot by John Gerard
Old Troopers Thunder by Robert Arthur, Jr.
“But I Bagged One, Sir” by James Farber
Night Fire by Archie Vickers
Hell’s Where You Raise It by Andrew A. Caffrey
Sleepy Bill Wakes Up by George Gray Kenney
Mud and Gunfire [Part 2 of ?] by Capt. Frederic Borden
Behind the Lines by Misc. Material
Prize War Experience Contest by Misc. Material

  • 128 pages
  • 7×10
  • Facsimile edition
  • Hersey Pulp
  • Ray Wardell Cover Art
  • Published: 12/08
  • Adventure House

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