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Crime of the Century by Richard Ariel
Fabulous was the fortune this hell-born mob of killers demanded…but just as fabulous and terrifying beyond even the dreams of Satan himself was their murder scheme . . . $2,000,000 was the payoff and the 1500 human lives were at stake . . . with nothing to save them from the sea’s black maw but the time-tested courage of Conway Clark and a bullet sped with a prayer!
Doom In The Night by George Ziegler
The Terror by Cliff Campbell
The Perfect Snatch by Leo Hoban
Pay Off Or Die! by Belton O. Buck

  • 128 pages
  • 7×10
  • ISBN: 9781597980524
  • Includes Conway Clark – International Undercover Ace
  • Published: 11/05
  • Adventure House

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