West of Guam: The Complete Cases of Jo Gar


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Written by Raoul Whitfield
Introductions by E.R. Hangman, and R.H. Miller

In the February 1930 issue of Black Mask Magazine a new character was introduced to the American detective story. Jo Gar is both a classic “thinking” sleuth and a tough man of action who inhabits the exotic noir world of the Philippines between the two World Wars. Jo Gar faces a rogue’s gallery of colorful villains from mixed-race Chinese to high society American exiles.

In these Jo Gar stories, Whitfield creates a vivid world where typhoons threaten the harbor, criminals escape from the local prison, and the waterfront is home to cutthroats from all countries. Manila’s great international seaport is home to luxury liner travelers of all classes from all around Asia, and the world.

This new, expanded edition of the long out of print, very collectable 2002 anthology, contains every word written about Jo Gar, and presents every story, novella, and novel. It includes two legendary Nagasaki novelettes not seen since 1930 as well as the only Jo Gar novel, The Rainbow Murders, complete and unabridged!

Edited by the Black Mask Library Series General Editor, Keith Alan Deutsch, this new volume includes two important, critical, biographical essays about Whitfield and Jo Gar by Black Mask scholar E.R. Hagemann, and a portrait of Professor Hagemann by his colleague, Dr. R.H. Miller. The new book is richly illustrated with line drawings by the greatest dry brush illustrator of the pulp age, Arthur Rodman Bowker.

All these extras, and now at a new, low, popular price, too!

  • “West of Guam”
  • “Death in the Pasig”
  • “Red Hemp”
  • “Signals of Storm”
  • “Enough Rope”
  • “Nagasaki Bound”
  • “Nagasaki Knives”
  • “The Caleso Murders”
  • “Silence House”
  • “Diamonds of Dread”
  • “The Man in White”
  • “The Blind Chinese”
  • “Red Dawn”
  • “Blue Glass”
  • “Diamonds of Death”
  • “Shooting Gallery”
  • “The Javanese Mask”
  • “China Man”
  • “The Siamese Cat”
  • “The Black Sampan”
  • “Climbing Death”
  • “The Magician Murder”
  • “The Man From Shanghai”
  • “The Amber Fan”
  • “The Mystery of the Fan-Backed Chair”
  • “The Great Black”
  • 6×9
  • 580 pages
  • $29.95

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