When the Death-Bat Flies: The Detective Stories of Norvell Page


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by Norvell Page
Introduction by Will Murray

Best known for his Spider pulp stories, scribe Norvell Page was a master mystery writer as well. This 800-page book collects over 30 of Page’s detective stories from the pages of Detective Tales, The Spider, Detective Fiction Weekly and Strange Detective Mysteries, most of which have never been reprinted before. Includes an all-new introduction by Will Murray.

  • “Murder Undercover”
  • “Law—Without a Badge!”
  • “Forsaking All Else!”
  • “Like Father—”
  • “Once a Cop—”
  • “The Love That Kills”
  • “When Guns Turn Traitor”
  • “The Death Game”
  • “Death For His Fee!”
  • “Manhattan Nocturne”
  • “Double Cross—with Honor”
  • “Between Two Loves”
  • “Comeback of the Damned”
  • “Copper’s Cross”
  • “Alias the Corpse Maker”
  • “Women Take the Rap”
  • “Murder Rides the Flood”
  • “The Man Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead”
  • “Murder Edits the News”
  • “When the Death-Bat Flies”
  • “Crime’s Capital City”
  • “The Devil’s Clinic”
  • “Corpse Fever Is Catching”
  • “Murder Follows the Headlines”
  • “Satan’s Penthouse Carnival”
  • “Crime’s Christmas Carol”
  • “Skulls Always Grin!”
  • “The Glamour of Sin!”
  • “Blood of the Dragon’s Horn”
  • “Tough Little Girl”
  • “Fingers of Fear”
  • “A Corpse for Company”
  • “Dead Hands Can’t Kill!”
  • 6×9
  • 796 pages
  • $39.95

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