Gunnison Auction Catalog Now Available

You can download a free B&W complete catalog.  CLICK HERE to download the catalog. Auction #4 has now started. CLICK HERE to go to that auction.

The Shadow Comes To A Close

Sanctum Books has announced that the last issue of THE SHADOW will be issue #151. There will be five issues published at the same time, and they should be in sometime early 2020. We will have all five issues, including the last four issues that will be more than the standard 128 pages, the prices will be $19.95 each. We’ve created a pre-order for all of these issues and included a 15% discount. CLICK HERE to pre-order this special pack.

Coupons are now applied automatically for all authorized products.

Adventure House Auctions

Glenn Lord Collection

As previously reported, the Glenn Lord Estate will be sold either through Adventure House sales [this page] and/or auction pages. CLICK HERE…if empty there is nothing currently up for auction. To that end, we have a large number of products that we gathered for sale and produced a multi-page PDF catalog. You may download the most recent catalog by CLICKING HERE.