About Us

We have been selling reprint and original pulp and pop culture paper collectibles since 1985. 
We also are the largest all “pulp”ular auction house in the world.  New auctions every month!

With nearly 500 publications, Adventure House is the largest reprinter of “true” pulp fiction in the world.  Currently we have several series of pulp reprint projects ongoing.

  • High Adventure
    Our bi-monthly reprint publication, 7×10 and 112 pages of pure pulp action!
  • G-8 and His Battle Aces
    Published three to four times a year, 7×10 and 110 pages of pulse pounding air adventure!
  • Phantom Detective
    Publishing every month, a thrilling hero pulp adventure published in a 7×10 112+ pages of detective thrillers!
  • Pulp Repicas.
    We are currently producing three replicas each and every month.  Great pulp fiction at a fraction of the cost of a real pulp!

Adventure House
914 Laredo Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20901