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January 2020


Best Stories from the pulp: SCIENCE FICTION

The Man Who Was Millions by Willard E. Hawkins
Millions of men, women and children sharing a single soul—that was Yogarth, the human spirit coma down through the ages to possess the race of man in his very being! Shim and Tawanda, Yogarth’s companions of the dim past, dare to oppose the Great One, only to find the entire world thrown into an urge of madness!

Venus Station by Arthur Leo Zagat
Strange was the web Fate wove, when Gort Higgin came back from the damned, seeking vengeance on the son of the man who had framed him. For the person in Arnim Penger’s space-yacht was the last one in the universe Higgin wanted to harm!

  • 7×10
  • 110 pages
  • Cover Artist: Frank R. Paul
  • Adventure House
  • $12.95
  • Published: 01/20


February 2020

Golden Fleece – 12/38

Dead Man Alive by H. Bedford-Jones
A man with nothing to lose save life, and utterly reckless of that

Wolves of Kerak by E. Hoffman Price
Fire On Snow by J.J. des Ormeaux
Golden Chains by Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Two Against the Gods by E. Hoffman Price
The White Rogue by Anthony M. Rud
Oregon Beyond by Archie Jocelyn
San Diego to San Antonio, $150 by Ruel McDaniel
Little Lost Republic by Harry Van Demark

  • 7×10
  • 128 pages
  • Cover Artist: Harold DeLay
  • Publisher: Adventure House
  • Published: 02/20

Spicy Mystery Stories – 09/35

Goddess of Terror by Wyatt Blassingame
He sought the perfection of beauty—only to destroy it! What happened to the show-girl turned to stone . . . and to another who awoke in the chamber of torture?

Passion Before Death by Arthur Wallace
Mistress of Serpents by Ellery Watson Calder [Robert Leslie Bellem]
Cross of Caliban by Cary Moran
Exit Willy Carney by H.W. Guernsey
Eyes of Maltha by Mort Lansing
The Blood Drinkers by Jerome Sever Perry [Robert Leslie Bellem]
Lorelei of Lynnwold Light by Harley L. Court [Robert Leslie Bellem]
Master of Death by Robert Leslie Bellem

  • 7×10
  • 128 pages
  • Cover Artist: H.J. Ward
  • Publisher: Adventure House
  • Published: 02/20