The City of Baal


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by Charles Beadle
Introduction by John Locke

The Cave [ADVENTURE 10/03/18]
The Tree of Life [ADVENTURE 08/03/19]
The White Frog [ADVENTURE 08/18/19]
City of Baal [ADVENTURE 01/18/21]
Buried Gods [ADVENTURE 09/03/21]
Gifts of Diamonds [ADVENTURE 06/20/22]
White Magic [THE FRONTIER 03/25]


Mysterious Africa… At the turn of the 20th Century, Charles Beadle served the British Empire in the colonies of southern Africa; saw duty in the Boer War. Afterwards, he worked his way north through perilous territory as an oddjobber, trader and explorer. When his travels ended, he tapped his storytelling gifts and turned the Africa of experience into enthralling fiction, becoming a stalwart of the great adventure pulps. Included in this collection of seven short stories and novelettes– originally published in Adventure and The Frontier–are strange tales of daring quests, wildlife in riot, treacherous characters, inscrutable witchdoctors, bizarre tribes, gruesome fates–all the mystery, discovery, danger . . . and dread, of unknown lands. From small-scale stories of isolated outposts under stress, to epic sagas of lost races in the depths of the jungle–from the macabre to the breathtaking–here is adventure at its best. Also included is a detailed discussion of the historical context of Beadleメs stories, and a look at his fascinating life and career.
  • 6×9
  • 246 pages
  • Published: 12/06
  • Off Trail Publications

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