Complete Air Adventures of Gales & McGill, Vol. 1


Complete Air Adventures of Gales & McGill, Vol. 1 – Frederick Nebel

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by Frederick Nebel

introduction by John Locke

Meet Bill Gales and Mike McGill, hard fighting and high flying soldiers of fortune; freelancers for hire from China to Borneo and beyond. Follow their hard-boiled exploits in the sinister Far East of the 1920s. Discover Frederick Nebel’s place as a major producer for the rough paper pages of the Fiction House line of magazines with an in-depth introduction by John Locke.

This, the first of two volumes, collects the first twenty tales ripped from the pages of the Air Stories, complete and uncut.

The Complete Casebook of Gales & McGill, Volume 1: 1927–29 by Frederick Nebel contains the following stories:

  • “Flyers of Fortune”
  • “Birdmen of Borneo”
  • “Flying Jade”
  • “The Shanghai Jest”
  • “Sky-High Nerve”
  • “Yangtze Yellow”
  • “Wings of Doom”
  • “The Hard Fly Hard”
  • “Birdmen of Passage”
  • “Outcast Ships”
  • “Sky-Trap”
  • “Proud Eagles”
  • “Bolt from the Blue”
  • “Wings of Mercy”
  • “Winged Chivalry”
  • “High Prey”
  • “Plane Nerve”
  • “Sky-Wise”
  • “Eagles of Ind”
  • “High-Flying Chance”
  • Altus Press
  • Published: 04/17

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