Double Action Detective – 10/38


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The Paper Tiger by Arthur J. Burks
“The tongs had driven the white Chinaman out, and now they sought his life, and siding their death quest with guns blazing for one man were the white mobsters and the New York police.”
Death Loves Diamonds by C.C. Rice
Ticket To Trouble by Hugh B. Cave
Stand-In For Murder by Cyril Plunkett
Satan Names A Victim by Wyatt Blassingame
Nosey Guy by W.T. Ballard
The Crime In the Harbor by Carmony Gove
Hole-Proof Evidence by Charles Boswell
Free Grave by William R. Cox

  • 7×10
  • 112 pages
  • ISBN: 1-59798-485-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-485-0
  • Published: 08/13
  • Adventure House

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