High Adventure #158


High Adventure #158 – Pulp Reprint – Texas Rangers Double Issue

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Texas Rangers Double Issue

Law On the Winter Range by Jackson Cole
Rampaging, raiding outlaws and land-grabbers, whose greed for empire knows no bounds, ride roughshod over the range until the Lone Wolf Lawman takes a hand in their game!  Follow a fighting Ranger as he challenges evil despots.
Loot of the Wolf by Jackson Cole
When a mysterious cache of outlaw gold leads to a reign of lawlessness and death, the Lone Star Ranger rides into the Big Bend with his six-guns primed for a roaring showdown!  Jim Hatfield pits himself against a chieftain of owlhooters dedicated to slaughter and terror!

  • 7×10
  • 114 pages
  • Adventure House
  • Published: 01/18
  • $12.95

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