High Adventure – #72


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Captain Hazzard

Python Men of Lost City by Chester Hawks [CAPTAIN HAZZARD 05/38]
A fiery curtain of doom dropped on the first act of the Phoenix’s sinister murder spectacle.  And that curtain eclipsed the drama of the reptile-skinned stowaway from nowhere.  But it was just the first act, for the Phoenix and his barbaric battalions of Python Men were staging a weird welcome in their jungle stronghold for the one man who defied them.  That man was Capt. Hazzard—peer of the perilous adventure and master of modern science.

Boomerang Bluff by Clint Douglas
Sky-High Outcast by Cliff Howe
The Devil’s Deadline by Ralph Powers
Slaves of the Life Ray by Alfred Bester [THRILLING WONDER STORIES 02/41]
Friendly Fangs by Gunnison Steele [THRILLING DETECTIVE 02/41]

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