High Adventure – #86


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Jungle Stories – Ki-Gor

The Devil’s Death Trap by John Peter Drummond
Into the soulless kingdom of the gray apes; into the jungle city of Dargh-Abar, where man was slave and beast was king, stormed a wrathful Ki-Gor to pit muscle and guide against the brute strength and simian cunning of a power-mad ape army.

Blood Priestess of Vig N’Ga by John Peter Drummond
Black magic?  Ki-Gor grinned.  Yet a whole safari, including his beloved Helene, had vanished without a trace.  And this strange, treeless land of parched desert and ghost-like dunes beckoned him on…onto the very threshold of the kingdom of the ancient, orin-skinned ones where a death-dealing challenge spurred the Jungle Lord against fierce odds.


The White Robe of Courage [Comic Section]

  • 112 pages
  • 7×10
  • George Gross Cover Art
  • Facsimile edition

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