Hooded Detective – 01/42


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The Whispering Eye by G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Hunted by the police. . .framed for robbery and murder by the Eye, master fiend and vicious ruler of the underworld . . . loated by Barbara Sutton the girl who loves him . . . the BLACK HOOD had to face the blazing purgatory of this murder master’s guns to win back Barbara’s love and clear himself of the framed charges.

Candidate For A Coffin by T.W. Ford
One Hundred Bucks Per Stiff by J. Lloyd Conrich
Death Is Deaf by Cliff Campbell
Three Guesses by David Goodis
The Cop Was A Coward by Wilbur S. Peacock
A Dinner Date with Murder by Harry Stein
The Strange Case of William Long by Ray Giles
Artistic Murders Misfire by Mat Rand

  • 98 pages
  • 7×10
  • Includes Golden Age Comic crossover
  • Published: 08/05
  • Adventure House

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