Phantom Detective – 11/47


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The Case of the Burning Rocks by Robert Wallace
Photographer Jim Darrel’s sudden murder is only the first blow struck by criminals who conspire to gain millions in loot! Follow the Phantom, world’s greatest detective, as he pits himself against a sinister, elusive crime mogul who plays for gigantic stakes!

The Concrete Curtain by John L. Benton
Sometimes cold cement can talk—and it reveals plenty to Don Taylor
Time Out For Murder by Ray Cummings
Larry Drake plans his heinous crime with fiendish and evil cleverness
A Grain of Poison by Norman A. Daniels
The District Attorney’s young medical aide follows a trail of arsenic
The Man Never Moved by Roger Fuller
Fat Sergeant McCreary just sat still, but got some astonishing results

  • 7×10
  • 114 pages
  • Adventure House
  • ISBN: 1-59798-322-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-59798-322-8
  • Published: 03/17
  • Cover Artist: Rudolph Belarski

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