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by Frederick Nebel

The Scourge of the South Sea Skies
When a flying buddy goes missing, Jack Pelham is thrust into danger as the search expands from looking for his friend to seeking a lost treasure. Mystery rides high in this thrilling tale of the South Seas.

Wind Patrol
Black wings poise the finger of doom over the Indo-China coast. Murder and pillage paralyze the great fleet of Brackett’s Airway as Bill Shade flies a shadowy sky-path to a temple of terror.

Brood of the Wind
Murder paints a crimson swath across the South Pacific sky from Noumea to Port Moresby. Pearls! . . . Jim Cole drapes the challenge around his seaplane’s struts, and swoops into the red.

Sky Blazers
Over the frozen skies of Alaska, Jess Marlow plays a hand in the embittered battle for territorial freight rights between old Michael Harrigan and Kurt Dikeman. When the rumor of gold is spread, the battle escalates, with death in its frosty wake!

Through icy air, Miller takes off with his motley passengers-only to find himself battling sky pirates seeking a $100,000 payday in bank gold!

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

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Title: Sky Blazers
Author: Frederick Nebel
Genre: Aviation / Adventure
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-65-9
Price: Trade paperback / 228 pages / Price: $19.95 US

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