The Iron Ace


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“The Iron Ace” by William E. Barrett

In the Misty Skies of WWI France, history is written with flaming guns! And Yank airman Hugh McQuillen had smashed his way into those history books as “The Iron Ace.”

Assigned as the C.O. of a Royal Flying Corps squadron, and prowling the skies in his deadly war plane adorned with the Laughing Skull, he was a grim and unrelenting instrument of war who killed Germans with such ruthless efficiency that he became known on both sides of the line as “The Assassin.” McQuillen believed there was no decent way to bring men to a violent end, so he would not bow to the “chivalry of the air” practiced by his R.F.C. mates and the Germans. This made the Iron Ace a marked man, and his enemies would stop at nothing to bring an end to his savage reign.

Written by William E. Barrett, the nine tales of “The Iron Ace” appeared in Sky Birds magazine from 1933 through 1934. Barrett is best remembered for his novels, The Left Hand of God and The Lillies of the Field. But he was initially a very busy writer for the pulp magazines. And while much of his work was in the air war mags, he also contributed to the western and detective pulps. One of Barrett’s most popular characters appeared in a series of stories in Dime Detective. “Needle Mike” was an undercover crime fighter who posed as a tattoo artist.

Stories include:

  • “The Iron Ace” – Sky Birds, December 1933
  • “Assassin’s Honor” – Sky Birds, January 1934
  • “The Laughing Skull” – Sky Birds, February 1934
  • “The Iron Ace’s Fist” – Sky Birds, April 1934
  • “Graveyard Glory” – Sky Birds, May 1934
  • “The Corpsemaker” – Sky Birds, June 1934
  • “Assassin’s Omen” – Sky Birds, August 1934
  • “Death From Nowhere” – Sky Birds, September 1934
  • “Sentinel of Satan” – Sky Birds, October 1934
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