Thrill Book Complete – Vol. 1


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THE THRILL BOOK has always had mythical status among pulp and science fiction fans.  Introduced during the early days of pulp magazines, THE THRILL BOOK‘s first seven issues were published using the same dimensions and page counts as the dying genre of magazines known as “Dime Novels.”  Saddle stitched, with only 48 pages, THE THRILL BOOK broke the mold for “Dime Novels.”  Its stories had nothing in commong with any other “Dime Novel”, even its price was twice the norm for the so-called “Dime Novels” which actually cost only a nickel.

Yet, its impact on “Fantastic” fiction to come isn’t denied.  Published on a bi-monthly basis, THE THRILL BOOK lasted a scant sixteen issues, and continues to stif the imagination of collectors and readers alike.

Adventure House brings you in multiple volumes, the entire THRILL BOOK saga.  Complete with all illustrations, filler and poetry, THE THRILL BOOK COMPLETE is well…just that…complete for the first time since its cancellation in 1919!

  • Hardbound Book
  • 8.5×11
  • 402 pages
  • First 7 Issues
  • March 1, 1919 – June 1, 1919
  • An Adventure House exclusive
  • Published: 06/08


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