Uncanny Tales – 04-05/39


Uncanny Tales – 04-05/39 – Weird Menace – Red Circle – PULP Replica

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Take Me, and Die! by Arthur J. Burks
How could Prestley Crane know that he would fall into the power of an old hag—a sickeningly aged harridan with a young girl’s voluptuous, pulsating body—who would force this awful decision: Take me as your mate, or see your sweetheart thrown to my slavering hired thugs!

Nameless Brides of Forbidden City by Frederick C. Davis
Would that I could forget those nightmare hours spent in the Forbidden City!  Banish the memory of that beautiful girl’s body stretched on a mad cult’s unholy shrine; never recall my own wold thoughts as I slowly approached her helpless, naked form, the sacrificial sword in my hand—for that pitiful victim was the mother of my son, my own adorable wife!

  • 7×10
  • 112 pages
  • Red Circle
  • Cover Artist: J.W. Scott
  • Published: 03/07
  • Adventure House

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