Wolves of the Wind


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by Frederick Nebel
Introduction by Tom Roberts

Sky pirates! Lost treasure! Extortion and more!

The saga of Garrison Airways continues with unbounded exhilaration by those who ride on the wings of adventure.

Skyrocket Scott—The arrival of Bill Scott to Southern waters plays an important role in the battle for Whitesand Island, establishing Garrison Airways as an air power in the South Seas.

Wolves of the Wind—Skies are blackened when threats from pirates of the air prompt Garrison Airways to arm their planes and a private war erupts for supremacy of the skylanes.

Boomerang Barnes—Barnes is sent to protect the air station on Sundown Island only to find it deserted. What has happened to the work crew? A new enemy rears its ugly head and stolen diamonds fuel an island-hopping treasure hunt.

Sky Spoilers—Racketeers of the sky unleash a series of raids on the Island trading stations, demanding a cut of the profits. Caraway is thrust into the middle of the savage battle—only to find himself branded as a racketeer, too!

With an introduction by Tom Roberts.

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Published: 08/15
Author: Frederick Nebel
Publisher: Black Dog Books
ISBN: 978 -1-884449-63-5
Price: Trade paperback / 206 pages / Price: $19.95 US

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