Dead Men’s Bones


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by Lester Dent
Introduction by Will Murray

Ride the blazing skies in this collection of eight thrilling tales, collecting all of Lester Dent’s published air-adventure stories. With many of these works appearing in print for the first time in decades, this book is sure to be an instant collector’s item. If you enjoy The Man of Bronze, you’ll love these two-fisted sky adventures!With an introduction by historian Will Murray.

Bonus: Appendices feature background material, outlines and story submission notes from Dent’s personal papers.

Cover art by George J. Rozen.

Stories include:

  • Vulture Coast (plus the author’s afterword)
  • Dead Men’s Bones
  • The Devil’s Derelict
  • The Frozen Flight
  • Life—Or Death!
  • Hell Hop
  • Hair on His Chest!
  • Arctic Loot

“These stories, and thus this collection, is a kick in the pants; fun and full of action, highly recommended. Another winner from Black Dog Books!”—RICHARD ROBINSON, The Broken Bullhorn

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Title: Dead Men’s Bones
Author: Lester Dent
Genre: Adventure/Aviation
ISBN: 978-1-928619-81-9
Price: $24.95 / Trade paperback / 239 pages

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