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Auction catalog for ten auctions beginning with Auction #21 in March 2021.

Please be advised that once the PDF version of this catalog is available, you may download it for free.

This auction catalog is arranged by the auction number and date of closing. 

The titles in each auction are displayed in this catalog in alphabetical order, but the auction lots will be mixed in a random order. Please check the website for the closing time of each lot. 

Lots will close in two minute intervals beginning at 9:00 pm Eastern time. You may bid at any time the lots become active up to the closing time for that lot. If a lot receives a bid within three minutes prior to that lot closing, the closing time for that lot will extend an additional five minutes.

There is a slight increase on the buyers premium for these auctions. We will now be charging a 15% buyers premium.

All lots have a grade and grade description. If you have any questions, there is a Private Message menu item in which you may contact us directly.

There are 719 individual lots divided up into 10 auctions. There are thousands of other books, pulps and fanzines we’ve already added to our direct sales pages. You may find those at: www.adventurehouse.com/shop. You may search by title, author or artist using the search bar found on the upper right hand portion of the website’s first page. 

Here is a list of the titles that will be in those 10 auctions:

10 Story Book
Ace Detective Magazine
Ace Mystery Magazine
Ace-High Detective Magazine
Action Stories
Adventure Trails
All Detective Magazine
All Star Detective Stories
Amazing Stories
American Magazine
Annual Volume of High Heel
Argosy All-Story Weekly
Bedtime Stories
Black Book Detective Magazine
Black Book Detective
Black Mask
Bloody Pulp
Breezy Stories
Broadway Nights
Cabaret Stories
Clever Stories
Clues Detective Stories
College Humor
Complete Detective
Complete Gang Novel
Complete Stories
Cowboy Movie Thrillers
Cowboy Stories
Cupid’s Capers
Detective Action Stories
Detective Book Magazine
Detective Dragnet
Detective Fiction Weekly
Detective Short Stories
Detective Story Magazine
Detective Tales
Detective Trails
Detective Yarns
Dime Detective Magazine
Dime Mystery Magazine
Double Action Western
Double Detective
Double-Action Detective
Double-Action Gang
Dr. Yen Sin
Droll Stories
Eerie Stories
Everybody’s Magazine
Famous Story Magazine
Far East Adventure Stories
Far West Stories
Fight Stories
Film Fun
French Follies
French Frolics
French Night Life Stories
Frontier Times
Gang World
Gangster Stories
Gay Broadway
Gay Parisienne
Ghost Stories
Ginger Stories
Gold Seal Detective
Gun Molls Magazine
Happy Stories
Headquarters Detective
High Heel Magazine
High Spot Magazine
Hollywood Nights
Hollywood Tales
Honeymoon Stories
Horror Stories
Invincible Detective Magazine [Australian]
Jack Dempsey’s Fight Magazine
Juicy Tales
La Paree Stories
Leading Western
Live Stories
Lively Stories
Love Adventures
Love and War Stories
Lovers Magazine
Marriage Stories
Marvel Science Stories
Max Brand’s Western Magazine
Modern Adventuress
Modern Girl Book
Movie Action Magazine
Movie Humor
Movie Western
Murder Mysteries
Murder Stories
Mysterious Wu Fang
Mystery Adventure Magazine
Mystery Adventures Magazine
Mystery Adventures
Mystery Magazine
Mystery Stories
Navy Stories
New Mystery Adventures
New York Nights
Nickel Detective
Night Life Stories
Outlaws of the West
Paris Gayety
Paris Nights
Parisienne Revue
Pep Stories
Pep Tec Tales
Peppy Stories
Personal Adventure
Phantom Detective Cases [British]
Picture Crimes
Policier [French]
Popular Detective
Popular Fiction Magazine
Popular Magazine
Practical Electrics
Prison Life Stories
Private Detective Stories
Prize Air Pilot Stories
Prize Detective Magazine
Racketeer and Gangland Stories
Racketeer Stories
Real Boudoir Tales
Real Confessions
Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories
Real Detective Tales
Real Mystery
Real Smart
Real Stolen Sweets
Real Tempting Tales
Red Blooded Stories
Romantic Western
Saucy Movie Tales
Saucy Romantic Adventures
Scarlet Adventuress
Scarlet Confessions
Science and Invention
Scotland Yard
Screen Humor
Secret Service Detective Stories
Sentimental Stories
Shaver Mystery Magazine
Short Stories
Sinister Stories [British]
Sizzling Detective Mysteries
Sizzling Romances
Smashing Novels Magazine
Snappy Romances
Snappy Stories
Speed Adventure Stories
Speed Detective
Speed Mystery
Spicy Detective Stories
Spicy Mystery Stories
Spicy Stories
Spicy Western Stories
Spicy-Adventure Stories
Sport Story Magazine
Stage and Screen Stories
Star Detective
Startling Detective Adventures
Stocking Parade
Stolen Sweets
Strange Detective Mysteries
Strange Detective Stories
Street & Smith’s Sampler
Submarine Stories
Super-Detective Stories [Ashcan Copy]
Super-Detective Stories
Super-Love Stories [Ashcan Copy]
Sure-Fire Screen Stories
Tales of Danger and Daring
Tales of Magic and Mystery
Tales of Temptation
Tattle Tales
Telling Tales
Ten Detective Aces
Ten Story Gang
Terror Tales
Thrilling Detective
Thrilling Mysteries
Thrilling Mystery
Thrilling Tales
Thrills of the Jungle
Triple-X Western
Tropical Adventures
True Gang Life
Two Gun Stories
Undercover Detective
Underworld Romances
Wall Street Stories
War of the Worlds
Western Story Magazine
Western Story Sample [Free Copy]
Wide-Awake Magazine
Wild Cherries
Yankee Shorts [British]
Young’s Realistic Stories
Zeppelin Stories

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