The Johannesburg Conspiracy


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by William Murray Graydon

Praise for the work of William Murray Graydon

“A lot of action . . . knew how to build and hold suspense.”

Return to a time when the world was not fully mapped, the lure of adventure was strong and Africa was still the Dark Continent.

Journey to the far corners of the globe as Matthew Quin, big game hunter extraordinaire, seeks to capture wildlife for Hamrach & Co. Along the way Quin discovers that vipers, scorpions, tigers and all manner of beasts often walk on Earth in the two-legged variety.

This massive volume, culled from a variety of resources and international library archival collections, marks a major achievement in research in assembling forty-seven works—the complete known stories of Matthew Quin, pulled from book, magazine and newspaper appearances.

Also included is the novel, In Wildest Africa, in which Quin encounters Teddy Roosevelt on an African Safari!

Included are:

  • How I Lost My Elephant
  • The Shelter-House of the Sunderbunds
  • The Borneo Orang-Outang
  • The Adventure of the Australian Bushrangers
  • The Black Panther From Hamburg
  • The Adventure of the Lost Caravan
  • The Adventure of the Stolen Lions
  • Bin Mahommed’s Cunning
  • The Johannesburg Conspiracy
  • The Nawab of Jubbulpore’s Diamond
  • Prince Wong’s Lioness
  • The Mystery of Ranjeet Singh’s Death
  • The Adventure of the Star of Dehli
  • The Mystery of the Oudh Jungle
  • The Mystery of the Wrecked Circus Train
  • The Strange Case of the Montana Grizzly
  • The Affair of the Singapore Bungalow
  • Tharadeen, the Dacoit
  • The Two-Horned Rhinoceros
  • Count Sandoff’s Wife
  • The Man Tiger of the Ussuri Valley
  • The Pearl of the Philippines
  • The Adventure of the Achinese Pirates
  • A Treacherous Rival
  • The Ringed Jaguar of Amazonas
  • The Affair of the Python
  • The Wonderful Adventure of the Yukon Tributary
  • On the Trail of the Totem Bear
  • The Quest of the White Panther
  • The Quest of the Bull Moose
  • The Rajah of Vancore’s Menagerie
  • The International Episode of the Niger Swamp
  • In Solomon’s Tank
  • The Sultan of Muscat’s Cheetah
  • The Adventure of the Harkaway Hall Preserves
  • The Silent Man of the Polar Star
  • A Terrible Night
  • The Mad Elephant of Coorg
  • Night In the Forests of India
  • The Adventure of the Assam Shooting-Box
  • The Rajah of Kolat’s Trainer
  • The Adventure of the Rio Gila Ford
  • Baffled by a Puma
  • The Hermit of Kootenay Pass
  • The Contents of a Tiger Trap
  • The Shooting Cage
  • In Wildest Africa (novel)

Assembled and with an introduction by Graydon scholar, Georges T. Dodds, Ph.D.

Cover design by Tom Roberts.


American-born William Murray Graydon (1864-1946) was an extremely prolific and popular author of adventure fiction for more than three decades. His writing has been cited as an influence upon the creation of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. One online source states that Graydon, after moving to England, wrote “more than 100 Sexton Blake stories for the Union Jack and an equal number for the Sexton Blake Library; some of the former were later used as the basis for ‘Nick Carter’ stories published by Street and Smith.”

His fiction is easy flowing, action packed and highly enjoyable.


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Title: The Johannesburg Conspiracy
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