Doc Savage Double #16


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The Secret in the Sky & The Giggling Ghosts

The 75th birthday of the pulp era’s greatest superhero continues with two more epics from the Golden Age of Pulp Fiction. Doc Savage journeys to Oklahoma to investigate the murder of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. What is The Secret in the Sky that can bring ruin to an entire continent? Then, in The Giggling Ghosts, the Man of Bronze and his aides investigate a toxic outbreak of uncontrollable hilarity that is causing New Jersey residents to literally laugh themselves to death.  This collector’s item pulp reprint also features the original color pulp covers by Emery Clarke and Walter Baumhofer, interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical articles by Will Murray, author of seven Doc Savage novels.

  • Sanctum Books
  • ISBN: 1-932806-93-8
  • 13-DIGIT: 9781932806939
  • Softcover
  • 7×10
  • B&W
  • $12.95

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